Zitat nur Mobil

Inside of you there must be the fire of what you want to inflame in others. San Agustín


It is a fact that the national and international competence for qualified employees is rapidly increasing. Everybody knows about the demographic situation.

Beyond the professional qualification, people behavior, personal and social competence and empathy are decisive factors. In this way, complex tasks may be solved successfully in a demanding work environment characterized by a constant change.

As human resources consultants with experience in the market and with people, we support strong customers every day to recruit strong employees as specialists and managers performing their professional tasks enthusiastically.


The focus of our services as human resource consultants is on the successful filling of each vacancy in the long term, not on a fast recruiting. Quality is our main priority.

…The profile of individual requirements is the basis. What is important at technical and personal level?  What is particularly important for our customer?

...Research always starts in our own data base, which has been completed over many years.

…We complement these activities with external portals.

…The active and direct contact of specialists, managers and executive officers reaches a special target audience.

…Our network in the respective industries is perfectly ramified. We know people.

Contact with technical higher education schools and universities allows to bring future talents closer.

…In the selection process, we give the utmost importance to personal interviews. With an individual, free and thematic focus, which reaches crossed fields, without losing structure, we examine the most diverse aspects. From case to case this might be supplemented with scientific diagnoses.

…At the end of the process, we recommend enthusiastic applicants to our customers.


For us, the way in which people interact, what they achieve and the advantages we offer to companies in their search of future employees are significant.

…More than 20 years of intense experience in the global market

…Reliable and updated knowledge on technology and economy

…Own experience and years of practice in the industry

…Presence in several continents, worldwide

…We understand you, whether in German, English or Spanish

…An active network of persons and companies

...Passion for people from all cultures


For us, as human resources consultants, taking care of our contacts is the heart of the matter.

We built our network with love and continuity over many years; it is always updated, supplemented, or renewed, transforming it into the professional success platform.

Companies, our customers and applicants benefit daily from:

...people from all technical or commercial professional categories

...specialists for complex tasks and positions

...talents, the so called high potential talents

...experienced specialists and managers

...contacts with the markets from A to Z

...contacts with foreign companies and applicants

...contacts with universities, associations and institutes


Whether in Germany, USA, Mexico, or China, we listen to and consult with engineers, buyers, machine operators or managers, peer to peer, in German, English or Spanish.

This creates good and sustainable personal relationships, extremely valuable for all involved parties.