Use the talents you have. Forests would be quiet, if only the most talented birds sang. Henry van Dyke


We would like to arrange an appointment to talk with you. We would like to talk with you, to get to know you better.

Each day, we deal with strong human beings; each day, we meet new personalities. This challenge is and will continue being exciting; it always makes us curious about discovering what it is really behind us, human beings.

If you are also excited about discovering people from strong companies, we would like to have a conversation face to face.

We would be delighted by walking with you to achieve a successful professional position and contacting you with interesting companies.


Head of International Sales

For a very successful mechanical engineering company located in the region of Dortmund, Germany we are working on this interesting and sophisticated position of Head of International Sales.


Production Manager

For a very successful company located in the region of Dortmund, Germany we are working on this exciting and attractive position of Production Manager.


Quality Manager

For a very successful company located in the region of Dortmund, Germany we are working on this attractive position of Quality Manager.



Even if you cannot find a proper offer on our web site, contact us any way. For discretion purposes, we do not publish all vacancies online. Also, there are always new projects in process, which shall not be made public until later.

So, please, be curious! !


Are you seeking for a new challenge? Do you want to achieve professional development? Are you interested in a special position (a managerial or executive position)? This is what you can expect from us …

…More than 20 years of intense experience in the global market.

…Concrete contacts with attractive companies, at local, national or international level.

…Free support during all the application process since the first interview until signing the final contract.

…Serious counseling in all the professional fields.

…Service 7 days a week.

…We understand you, whether in German, English or Spanish.

…Passion for people from all cultures.


For us, as human resources consultants, taking care of our contacts is the heart of the matter.

We built our network with love and continuity over many years; it is always updated, supplemented, or renewed, transforming it into the professional success platform.

Companies, our customers and applicants benefit daily from:

...people from all technical or commercial professional categories

...specialists for complex tasks and positions

...talents, the so called high potential talents

...experienced specialists and managers

...contacts with the markets from A to Z

...contacts with foreign companies and applicants

...contacts with universities, associations and institutes